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The Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards (BOSTES) publishes a broad range of policies outlining the requirements and processes for teacher accreditation, professional development provider endorsement and initial teacher education program accreditation.  All BOSTES policies are approved by the Quality Teaching Council  and provide a transparent and fair framework for the NSW teacher accreditation system.

Policies are listed alphabetically below:


Accreditation at Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher Policy (PDF 91 KB)

Accreditation at Proficient Teacher Policy (PDF 553 KB)

Accreditation of Early Childhood Teachers Policy (PDF 180 KB)

Accreditation of Non-Accredited Teachers (PDF 159 KB)

Accreditation of Initial Teacher Education Programs in NSW: Policy and Procedures (PDF 558 KB)

Ceasing the Provisional and Conditional Accreditation of Teachers and Conditions for a Re-accreditation Period Policy

Decision to Refuse Professional Competence accreditation (PDF 23 KB)

Decision to Revoke Provisional or Conditional Accreditation (PDF 32 KB)

Elaborations in Priority Areas (PDF 704 KB)

English Language Proficiency for Teachers at Provisional or Conditional Accreditation Policy (PDF 74 KB)

External Assessor Policy (PDF 35 KB)

Leave of Absence Policy (PDF 17 Kb)

Maintenance of Accreditation at Proficient Teacher Policy (PDF 673 KB)

Maintenance at Professional Accomplishment and Professional Leadership Policy (PDF 140 KB)

Post Nominals Policy and Guidelines (PDF 19 KB)

Professional Experience in ITE Policy (PDF 194 KB)

Professional Learning Policy (PDF 894 KB)

Provisional and Conditional Accreditation Policy (PDF 222 KB)

Requirements for Primary Teaching Specialisations (PDF 32.69 KB)

Subject Content Knowledge Policy (PDF 525 KB)

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Studies Policy (PDF 144 KB)

Voluntary Accreditation at Professional Competence Policy (PDF 138 KB)