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Voluntary cancellation of accreditation

From 1 January 2017, teachers can apply to voluntarily cancel their accreditation. A teacher can voluntarily cancel their accreditation if they:

  • have left the teaching profession, or
  • they wish to return to a prior accreditation level eg: a teacher at Lead Teacher Accreditation may wish to return to Proficient Teacher Accreditation.

The application must be in writing.

  • If you are leaving the teaching profession your email should be addressed to the Director, Teacher Accreditation at
  • If you are returning to a previous level of accreditation your email should be addressed to the Director, Teaching Standards at

If you cancel your accreditation because you have left the teaching profession you cannot be employed to teach in any approved centre-based early childhood service or school.

If you plan to return to teaching you will need to reapply for accreditation. Depending on the period of your absence, conditions may apply.