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Teaching overseas

Before seeking employment overseas you will need to check the accreditation requirements for your destination country. Some countries, such as Canada and the UK, may require a Letter of Professional Standing from the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards (BOSTES) before they will recognise your NSW accreditation and allow you to work as a teacher. This also applies to teachers from the UK or Canada who have completed their teaching qualifications in Australia.

Teaching in Canada or the UK

Before you can be registered to teach in Canada or the UK you will need a Letter of Professional Standing from BOSTES.

To obtain a Letter of Professional Standing, email BOSTES requesting the letter and include certified copies of your teaching qualification transcript/s as well as proof of ID.

Apply for a leave of absence

If you are a NSW teacher who is planning to work overseas you can put your NSW teacher accreditation on hold by going on a leave of absence.

While on a leave of absence you will not be:

  • required to maintain your NSW accreditation
  • required to complete any mandatory professional development
  • charged fees by BOSTES subject to terms and conditions.

Maintain your PD

NSW teachers working towards accreditation can apply for recognition of professional development and teaching undertaken outside of NSW while on a leave of absence.

Download overseas and interstate application form for recognition of PD  (MS Word 63KB)

Your fees

If you are taking extended time off, you may be able to put your BOSTES annual accreditation fee on hold. Your accreditation must be reactivated when you return to teaching in NSW.

More about fees and taking leave