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Maintain Proficient Teacher Accreditation

Teachers accredited at Proficient Teacher level are required to maintain their accreditation while teaching in NSW. This involves participating in high-quality professional development (PD) that helps to continuously improve teaching practice.  

How it works

Professional learning is most effective when it addresses a teacher’s professional needs and supports student and children's learning and wellbeing. Maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation involves:

Types of PD

To maintain Proficient Teacher Accreditation you must complete at least 100 hours of PD. These 100 hours can be made up of Quality Teaching Council (QTC) Registered PD, Teacher Identified PD and if approved, university or TAFE study.

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Find a QTC Registered course

You can find QTC Registered courses by logging into your online account tool. To maintain accreditation, teachers must complete at least 100 hours of PD over a set period. School teachers are required to complete 50 hours of QTC Registered PD courses.

An interim policy, in place until 2018, requires early childhood teachers to complete 20 hours QTC Registered PD. Early childhood teachers accredited as Proficient Teacher from 18 July 2018 will be required to return to 50 hours of QTC Registered PD.

Find a QTC Registered course

Record and validate your PD achievements

When you complete any PD (both QTC Registered and Teacher Identified) you need to make sure it is recorded and validated on your online account.

Record your PD or Check your PD is validated

Write and submit your report

When you approach the end of each maintenance cycle, you need to write and submit a Maintenance of Accreditation Report at Proficient Teacher. This report should demonstrate how your teaching practice has reflected the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers over the period of your maintenance cycle. For school teachers, once your principal verifies your report, your Teacher Accreditation Authority (TAA) makes the accreditation decision and submits it to BOSTES.

BOSTES will be the TAA for early childhood teachers. BOSTES will advise early childhood teachers of relevant processes associated with report verification and TAA decision making in early 2017.

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