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Maintain Lead Teacher Accreditation

Once you have successfully achieved Lead Teacher Accreditation, you will need to maintain this level by undertaking professional development (which can include postgraduate or further undergraduate study) and submitting a report at the end of a set time-frame. You must continue to consistently demonstrate teaching practice at this level and pay your annual accreditation fee to the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards (BOSTES).

How it works

Professional learning is most effective when it addresses a teacher’s professional needs and supports student learning and wellbeing.

Maintaining Lead Teacher Accreditation involves:

  • completing maintenance cycles of 5 years (if employed full-time) or 7 years (if employed part-time/casual)
  • continued demonstration of competent teaching practice and submitting a report before the end of each maintenance cycle

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Find a QTC Registered course

You can find BOSTES Registered courses categorised by the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers by logging into your online account tool. To maintain accreditation, teachers must complete at least 100 hours of professional development over a set period.

Find a QTC Registered course

Record and validate your professional development achievements

When you complete any professional development (both QTC Registered and Teacher Identified) you need to make sure it has been recorded and also validated by the course provider or by your Teacher Accreditation Authority or principal.

Record your PD or Check your PD is validated

Write and submit your final report

When you approach the end of the maintenance cycle, you need to write and submit a Maintenance of Accreditation Report at Lead Teacher Level. This report should demonstrate how your classroom practice has continued to reflect the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers at Lead Teacher level over the period of your maintenance cycle.

Read report writing tips and start report

Further Reading

Maintenance of Accreditation at Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher Policy (PDF 170 KB)

Post nominal policy and guidelines (PDF 19 KB)