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How to get Proficient Teacher Accreditation 

Proficient Teacher Accreditation is designed to support new teachers strengthen their classroom knowledge and skills, and teachers returning to the workforce after 5 or more years away. By working towards Proficient Teacher level, teachers are given a clear framework to enhance their teaching ability. This level is mandatory for all accredited teachers in NSW and occurs after Provisional or Conditional Accreditation.

How it works                                                         

Becoming accredited at Proficient Teacher level is a process that must be completed over a set timeframe. It involves collecting evidence about your practice and demonstrating that you are meeting the relevant Standard Descriptors of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

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Collecting samples of your work for accreditation

Collecting samples of your work as evidence to support how you meet the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers encourages you to think constructively about your teaching, reflect on the Standards and develop your practice. Review what kind of samples can be used, about annotating your work, and how these play a role in the submission of your Accreditation Report. 

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The Accreditation Report

The final step to getting Accreditation at Proficient Teacher level involves the submission of an Accreditation Report.  Your supervising teacher, mentor or principal writes this report when they see you are demonstrating the Standards and, with samples of your annotated work as evidence, submits them to the Teacher Accreditation Authority (TAA).  Once the TAA has made the decision about your accreditation, the Accreditation Report and evidence are provided to the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards (BOSTES).  

More about the Accreditation Report and download a template

Find a course to support your learning

BOSTES offers NSW teachers professional development (PD) courses delivered by endorsed providers. As a teacher working to be accredited at the Proficient Teacher level, you can look through your online account tool to find courses that help you with your teaching practice.  At this stage of your accreditation, there is no requirement or capacity for you to log the hours of PD you undertake on your online account. This occurs once you have achieved and are maintaining Proficient Teacher status. 

Find a PD course

Cut off dates for achieving accreditation

Once you have started working in a NSW school, and have been granted Provisional or Conditional Accreditation, Proficient Teacher Accreditation must be achieved within a set timeframe. Timeframes vary depending on your employment, so it is important you keep your information up to date on your online account. Applications for extensions can be made under limited circumstances.

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I have been ceased

If you do not achieve Proficient Teacher Accreditation by your due date you will cease to be accredited and will not be able to teach in a NSW school.  You may apply for a single, two-year period of re-accreditation.

More about applying for re-accreditation