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Apply for Lead Teacher Accreditation

Lead Teacher accreditation recognises exemplary teachers who have demonstrated consistent practice and are well-respected by colleagues, parents/carers and the community. Applicants typically represent the school and the teaching profession in the community and are known for initiating and leading activities that focus on improving educational opportunities for students and for inspiring colleagues to improve their own professional practice. Accreditation at this level is voluntary.

How it works

NSW teachers who apply for accreditation at the Lead Teacher level are invited to consider their current role and practice against the Standard Descriptors, do an online preliminary assessment, and follow an evidence-based submission process that also involves being observed externally. Read what’s involved

Read advice from the Moderating and Consistency Committee

Advice based on analysis of more than 100 submissions, is available for teachers considering applying for higher level accreditaton.

View MCC advice

Do an online preliminary assessment

If you are applying for accreditation at Lead Teacher level, you are invited to use the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards’ (BOSTES) online preliminary assessment tool. You can assess your achievements to decide if you are ready to work towards this level of accreditation before you continue with your full application.  This is not compulsory but strongly recommended. A fee applies. More about online preliminary assessment.

Develop your application

If you decide to proceed with your application for Lead Teacher level, you will need to develop a cohesive body of evidence that supports your application and becomes part of your formal submission. This includes documentary evidence, reports from referees and a report from an external observer. Read advice on developing a strong application.

Submit your application online

NSW teachers applying for accreditation at Lead Teacher level must submit their application online. It is important to check that all required documents, referee reports and the external observer report have also been submitted. Follow these steps to submit your application.