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Welcome to BOSTES close

Welcome to the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards (BOSTES)

BOSTES has been created as a new authority in NSW for standards in curriculum, student assessment and teacher quality.

BOSTES will deliver services previously provided by the Board of Studies NSW and the NSW Institute of Teachers.

A new BOSTES website is currently being prepared. In the meantime, please continue to use existing web pages for services and information.

For more information, visit the BOSTES homepage.

Accreditation at Proficient Teacher/Professional Competence

Accreditation at Proficient Teacher/Professional Competence is the second (mandatory) level of accreditation following provisional or conditional accreditation.

  • Teachers who started teaching in NSW before 1 October 2012 can continue to use the NSW Professional Teaching Standards at Professional Competence, but will be expected to complete their accreditation process by the end of 2014.
  • Teachers granted initial accreditation on or after 1 October 2012 will use the National Professional Standards for Teachers – Proficient Teacher level. For more information and support for national standards please click here 

Teachers must meet the requirements for accreditation at Proficient Teacher within the maximum period as outlined in the table below:


 Provisionally  Accredited  Teachers

 Conditionally  Accredited  Teachers

 Full-time teacher

 3 years to reach Proficient  Teacher/Professional  Competence

 4 years to reach Proficient  Teacher/Professional  Competence

 Casual or Part-time Teacher

 5 years to reach Proficient  Teacher/Professional  Competence

 6 years to reach Proficient  Teacher

Note: some employers may require a shorter timeframe.

Summary of the accreditation process for teachers and their supervisors

Summary – How do I become accredited at Professional Competence?

Summary – How do I support a teacher to become accredited at Professional Competence?

It is important that you let your supervising teachers know that you are required to be accredited at Proficient Teacher. Evidence to support your accreditation decision can be collected on an ongoing basis. This evidence comes directly from your work as a teacher and comprises authentic teaching documents. You should read Information for New Scheme Teacher. This document describes the accreditation process in detail. You would also have received a copy of this document in your Welcome Pack

Preparing your Accreditation Report at Professional Competence

Evidence for your Accreditation Report should be a “snapshot” of your teaching practice. Your evidence should fit comfortably into ONE A4 plastic sleeve. You should not provide documentary evidence for every Standard Descriptor. Your evidence should comprise a representative sample of your teaching practice referenced to the Standards.

Voluntary Accreditation at Professional Competence

Voluntary Accreditation at Professional Competence

Maintenance of Accreditation at Proficient Teacher

You will be able to maintain your accreditation at Proficient Teacher during each maintenance of accreditation period by: 

  • Demonstrating ongoing Proficient Teacher practice;
  • Undertaking structured ongoing professional development and;
  • Payment of the annual fee.  

Maintenance of Accreditation Period

This is a 5-year period for full time teachers and a 7-year period for part-time or casual teachers. The first such period begins the day you are accredited at Proficient Teacher. As one period ends, the next begins.

Demonstrating ongoing Proficient Teacher practice

Professional development requirements

Continuing Professional Development for Teachers for more information.

Maintenance of Accreditation at Proficient Teacher Report

This will involve you monitoring and evaluating your own teaching practice against the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers at the Proficient Teacher level and completing your own Maintenance of Accreditation report. The report should be completed and provided to your teacher accreditation authority (TAA) or their delegate (generally your principal) for verification three months before the end of the Proficient Teacher maintenance period. The TAA will make their decision, sign the report, and then provide a copy to you and the Institute of Teachers.

Annual fees

See  Fees for more information.

Updated 07/02/2014