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The Quality Teaching Council (QTC)

Representing the views of NSW teachers and the community, the QTC plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of the teaching profession in NSW.  Council members, who are either elected by their peers or appointed by the Minister, are directly involved in developing teacher accreditation policy in NSW. At the heart of the QTC’s mission is building the profession’s capacity to protect its standards.

What does the Council do?

The QTC meets bi-monthly to advise the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards (BOSTES) about:

  • teacher accreditation policy, including Great Teaching, Inspired Learning reforms
  • teaching standards
  • ongoing professional learning for teachers
  • initiatives to support quality teaching.

The QTC also:

  • recommends initial teacher education programs for accreditation
  • endorses providers of continuing professional development for teachers
  • appoints members to the sub-committees outlined below
  • provides a key channel for teachers and the community to submit feedback about teacher accreditation.

Who is on the Council?

The 11 elected Council members are accredited teachers practising in NSW. Teachers are elected from all types of schools across the state, including government and non-government, rural and urban schools. In 2015, for the first time, NSW early childhood teachers will have a representative on the Council. The remainder of the Council is appointed by the Minister for Education.  Read a list of current Council members

How to get on the Council

Elections for the QTC are held every 3 years. The next election will be held in the second half of 2015. Accredited NSW teachers and principals are invited to stand for election. All teachers are eligible to vote for the 11 Council members representing teachers. More about voting and getting on the Council

Working with sub-committees

The QTC has three sub-committees: the Initial Teacher Education Committee (ITEC), the Professional Learning Endorsement and Advisory Committee (PLEAC) and the Moderating and Consistency Committee (MCC). Learn more about these committees

QTC 2016 meeting dates

24 February
27 April
22 June
24 August
16 November

Contacting the Council

The Council welcomes feedback from teachers and the wider community about quality teaching initiatives and accreditation policy in NSW. 

To have your say: