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Welcome to BOSTES close

Welcome to the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards (BOSTES)

BOSTES has been created as a new authority in NSW for standards in curriculum, student assessment and teacher quality.

BOSTES will deliver services previously provided by the Board of Studies NSW and the NSW Institute of Teachers.

A new BOSTES website is currently being prepared. In the meantime, please continue to use existing web pages for services and information.

For more information, visit the BOSTES homepage.

Continuing Professional Development


What is Professional Development?

Professional development strengthens your knowledge base and supports your commitment to effective teaching and learning.  It allows you to build and refresh your skills and to participate actively in your career development. You should have access to, and engage in, high quality professional development for the whole of your teaching career.

What is the Institute’s role?

The Institute is required to advise the Minister for Education and Training on:

  • the conditions and criteria for continuing accreditation and the requirements for continuing professional development
  • the approval of providers, courses and programs that are relevant for the purpose of accreditation.

The Institute will provide teachers with advice about the provision of professional development. This support focuses on identifying course and program availability, quality and appropriateness.  Relevant research concerning continuing professional development will also be identified.

The information about professional development collected by the Institute will assist in the planning of courses or programs. This will also give the opportunity to raise the standard of professional development for the benefit of teaching and learning in NSW.


The activities that this area of the Institute is undertaking are:

  • policy development
  • Teacher Professional Development Participation Log
  • teacher evaluation of courses and programs
  • endorsement of continuing professional development providers
  • registration of courses and programs.
Pilot Review of Institute Endorsed Providers of Professional Development

In 2011, the Institute of Teachers conducted a pilot review of Institute Endorsed Providers of Professional Development. The summary report of the pilot review is available here.


  Updated: 05/12/12