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Welcome to BOSTES close

Welcome to the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards (BOSTES)

BOSTES has been created as a new authority in NSW for standards in curriculum, student assessment and teacher quality.

BOSTES will deliver services previously provided by the Board of Studies NSW and the NSW Institute of Teachers.

A new BOSTES website is currently being prepared. In the meantime, please continue to use existing web pages for services and information.

For more information, visit the BOSTES homepage.

About Us

The Institute of Teachers supports quality teaching in all NSW schools. Its charter is to advance the status and standing of the teaching profession.

The Institute oversees a system of accreditation and recognition of a teacher's professional capacity against professional standards. It also provides a process for the profession to influence the quality of teacher training and continuing professional development.

The NSW Institute of Teachers was established under the Institute of Teachers Act 2004 with subordinate legislation Institute of Teachers Regulation 2010.

The Institute is within the portfolio of the Minister for Education and Training.

The Institute supports the quality of teachers in NSW schools. This is achieved through the functions conferred by the Act of:

  • advising the Minister on the development, content and application of the Professional Teaching Standards
  • advising and assisting teacher accreditation authorities in accrediting teachers
  • monitoring the accreditation process across all NSW schools
  • ensuring the Professional Teaching Standards are applied fairly and consistently
  • advising the Minister on the approval of initial and continuing teacher education courses and programs
  • advising the Minister on the approval of persons or bodies who may provide continuing professional development for teachers.

The Professional Teaching Standards provide parents, caregivers and the community with greater assurance of the quality and capability of teachers. This assurance will assist to raise community confidence in teachers.

Quality teaching has the capacity to address a broad range of community needs such as developing a socially cohesive society, providing individuals with the skills and opportunities to lead productive and rewarding lives, developing a responsive and skilled workforce that is capable of responding to challenges and opportunities, and enhancing the ability of the community to debate and interact locally and globally, and take a greater role in shaping its future.

The community is now assured that teachers are committed to a process of professional accountability.

A minimum standard of teacher quality applies uniformly throughout the state. This guarantees rural and socially disadvantaged communities, a level of teacher quality comparable to that available to students in advantaged metropolitan locations.

Organisational structure

The Institute comprises a Chair, a Quality Teaching Council (responsible for developing all advice on professional matters), and a Board of Governance (responsible for financial management and strategic planning). These are supported by the staff of the Institute.

The membership of the Quality Teaching Council comprises the Chair, ten elected members (all practising teachers and principals) and ten appointed members representing education stakeholders including employers, unions and parents.

Current members of the Council and Board are listed here