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Teacher accreditation in NSW

Accreditation supports quality teaching and recognises the invaluable role teachers play in the community.

To start or return to working as a teacher in a NSW school, you must be accredited with BOSTES.

To begin the accreditation process you will need a Statement of Eligibility. Find out how to get a Statement of Eligibility.

Teachers who have worked in NSW since before 1 October 2004, and have not had a break from teaching of more than 5 years, are not currently required to be accredited.


Raising university entry standards for future teachers

From 2016, prospective students will need to meet increased academic standards to be offered a place in a NSW accredited undergraduate teaching degree. read more

More endorsed professional development providers for accredited teachers

Seven professional development providers were newly endorsed or had their scope of endorsement broadened by the Quality Teaching Council at its 10 September 2014 meeting. read more

New evidence guides for Australian Professional Standards for Teachers

New evidence guides for the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers at the Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher levels are now available. read more

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